About DataX

We deliver both source and derived market data, plus in-depth analysis to support your trading and investment decisions. We do this across equities, foreign exchange and crypto-currencies
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We are DataX

Born in the Cloud, we deliver derived market data and reports, direct to you, for all your trading and analysis needs. We are based in Dublin, Ireland, the European home of cutting-edge Fintech solutions, and bring you the benefits of around 50 years combined experience and expertise in trading and technology, acrosss equity, FX, derivatives, and crypto-currencies .

Pure  Exchange Data

Exchange data from major markets worldwide, plus FX and crypto-currencies, allows you to apply your own methodology to identify opportunities of interest.

Reporting & Analysis

We identify the best yield enhancement and capital growth opportunities across all regions and sectors, allowing you to focus on real opportunities whilst ignoring the noise.

Derived Data

Calculated metrics including historical volatilities and moving averages to supplement your own analysis.

Clean Data Seamless Delivery

Our data is clean and free of anomalies. We deliver you formatted reports, loadable data files, and delivery via email.